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Welcome to this Datamonitor industry reports site provided in association with Datamonitor provides premium business information that allows you to keep ahead of the very latest industry developments and trends.

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Call Center Industry Profiles and Trends ReportsDatamonitor’s industry reports provide in-depth analysis of specific industry trends, technologies and direction.

Call Center Reports by Geography

Datamonitor reports specifically focused on Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Call Center Technology Supplier Reports

Datamonitor’s company profiles provide top-level company data and information. The report examines the company’s key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy.

Call Center Providers – Outsourcers

Datamonitor’s company profile reports are the essential source for top-level company data and information. The report examines the company’s key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis of its key revenue lines and strategy.

Call Center Industry Reports by Country

Datamonitor’s country profiles are an essential resource for top-level data and analysis covering the call center industry by specific country. Reports include detailed data on the market size and segmentation, plus textual analysis of the key trends and competitors.

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Datamonitor Reports: Call Center Industry Profiles and Trends

Workforce optimization as a technology set is comprised of four component technologies, workforce management, quality monitoring, agent analytics and eLearning. Datamonitor expects 2005 to be a year of accelerated growth and development in the WOTs market. This is demonstrated by rapid growth at a CAGR of 12.1% and new vertical/regional adoption of WOTs solutions.

CRM in Higher Education
Price: $2295
Institutions of higher education are increasingly viewing students as customers they need to serve. CRM technologies targeted at higher education allow institutions to build strong relationships with students and other constituents. Based on a survey of 100 US higher education institutions, this Datamonitor document analyzes the market opportunity for CRM vendors in US higher education.

The Call Center Outsourcing Outlook: Developing opportunities in a commodity market
Price: $1530
The call center outsourcing market is a fast, maturing industry that many people now regard as a commodity business, ‘The Call Center Outsourcing Market Outlook: Developing opportunities in a commodity market’ is a technology management report that will help outsourcing service providers to identify growth opportunities and develop strategies to successfully target them. This report provides in-depth analysis of key market drivers and inhibitors and forecasts to 2008 by region and vertical industry. The competitive landscape is examined in detail including the strengths of key vendors, and strategies for growth including new destinations, expanded service portfolios, evolving pricing models, offshore and near shore, and the emergence of the ‘quality sell’.

What Call Center Managers Think
Price: $1295
This brief looks at the results from a recent Datamonitor survey and discusses what is going on in the mind of the call center manager and what technology vendors should do about it. Although not immune to the doom and gloom of the current economic environment, the call center industry is fairly buoyant and confidence among call center managers is quite high. The brief looks at four issues, including a shift in spending from ACDs to CTI, no decline (as had been anticipated) in outbound calling, the myth of agent retention as a problem for call center managers and an overview of IT spending plans for call center managers in 2003.

The Universal Queue
Price: $1295
This brief looks at the market for Universal Queue solutions in contact centers.

Call and Contact Centers in Retail Banking
Price: $1295
This executive report provides a concise overview of the European and North American retail banking call center markets. It highlights business specific issues that are driving call center technology spend, as well as key opportunities for call center technology vendors in the retail banking space.

Reassessing the Opportunity for IP in Call Centers
Price: $2695
Reassessing the Opportunity for IP in Call Centers is a short report focusing on the EMEA and North American IP call center markets. It analyzes the uptake of IP telephony in call centers, sizes the market for IP-ACDs to 2007 by region and by country and provides end-user survey data, which help understand trends associated with this market.

Call Center Component Technologies
Price: $3995
This report will cover the size of the ACD market, IP-ACD, CTI, IVR, predictive dialing, and call recording. It will cover EMEA and North America and give breakdowns by national and vertical markets, as well as forecast growth until 2007. Where possible, market shares will be given.

Selling Call Center Technologies to Utilities
Price: $1195
The global market for utilities call centers reflects the changes which the utilities market has witnessed. Mergers and acquisitions have created a small number of very large utilities whose call center operations may span many locations. Vendors of CC technologies are presented with considerable opportunities to provide solutions to the challenges these firms face.

Voice Business Worldwide: How many languages does your voice portal speak?
Price: $3395
Voice business is global. Though many of the drivers, inhibitors, benefits, and players are applicable across geographies, Datamonitor has identified a number of country-specific factors that impact vendor success. In this report, Datamonitor identifies the largest markets in each of three regions: Europe, Asia Pacific, and The Americas. For each market, market-sizing information is provided; drivers, inhibitors, and local players are identified; and market opportunities are analyzed.

Networked and Hosted Call Centers: A Vertical Perspective
Price: $2695
The call center market in some parts of North America and EMEA is beginning to reach saturation point. However, the low end of the market and high end of the market are both expected to grow faster than the market average over the next five years, and a significant amount of this growth will be companies deploying networked and hosted call centers.

Global Offshore Call Center Outsourcing: Who will be the next India?
Price: $3395
5% of APs globally will be offshore by 2007. That represents 241,100 APs up from 109,300 in 2003. In this growing market, outsource providers need to stop trying to sell the merits of their country and focus on addressing the concerns of their clients by partnering with solution providers whose brand is respected in the target area. This report provides Market sizing & growth rate forecasts to 2007 for twenty-two potential offshore call center outsourcing locations, detailed risk and reward comparisons, discussion of drivers, decision factors and barriers for firms looking to offshore and Action points for OSPs and vendors servicing offshore clients to assist strategic marketing initiatives.

Selling call center outsourcing to the travel and tourism industry
Price: $1295
The travel and tourism industry has traditionally been reluctant to outsource. However, with the industry still suffering from potentially crippling losses, the opportunity to sell outsourcing services has never been greater. This brief describes the pain points that the industry is suffering, and describes how outsourcers can exploit this unique opportunity to sell more services. Covers North America, EMEA and a discussion of offshore markets. Use this report to understand the problems that companies in the travel and tourism market are facing and identify the opportunities to sell call center outsourcing services.
Voice Business Outsourcing: Creating a leasing option for speech recognition technology
Price: $1295
With so many options, how are potential customers or partners able to determine which voice business outsourcer meets their outsourcing needs? This executive report analyzes the market for outsourced voice business. It examines the existing and future options available, and provides guidance for the opportunities and pitfalls voice business outsourcers will face going forward. The report specifically deconstructs four categories of voice business outsourcers through SWOT analysis.


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Change Management

Change Management ResourceZapp!
Empowerment may be an over used term but at the core of the concept is the stuff that is essential in making your Call Center Operation a high performing operation. Short and easy read.
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Call Center Glossaries

Listen to anyone in a call center and you immediately start asking for the speaker to decode the acronyms and buzz words. These links provide you with access to some of the best call center related glossaries found on the Net.

Change Management

New Work Habits for a Radically Changing World
A short paperback but loaded with practical down-to-earth rules for job success.

Change Management

Taking Charge of Change: 10 Principles for Managing People and Performance
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Change Management

Who Moved My Cheese?Who Moved My Cheese
Managing change is a constant theme in Call Center Operations and change is a core theme here at CallCenterOps. This is the most refreshing book on change. A must read.
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Call Center Best Practices and Benchmarking

Best Practices in Call Center ManagementBest Practices in Call Center Management, Operations and Technology Benchmarking Report
Benchmarking data gathered from 120 call centers. Full of key learning and practical advice from call center managers – concise and easy to read.
Best Practices in Call Center Management . . .

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